Mandie's DayCare in New Berlin, WI

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment forms

Click here for enrollment and information for drop-ins.

Hours of operation

Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

*If you arrive past 5:30pm there will be a $10 charge for every 10 minutes late. I work a very long days and need to rest too!


There is no limit on the number of vacation days from your normal schedule. If child is absent, you are not charged for that day/s. However, if child is absent for more than 1 consecutive week, there will be no charge as long as space is filled while absent. In the event the space is not filled, you will only pay 1/2 the days rate until space is filled or child returns. We also do not charge for holidays or sick days.


We believe in good nutrition and low sugar diets. A rotating variety of fruit, vegetables, meats and grains will be provided at each meal and snack time. We take care to provide only foods known to be safe for small children and of course delicious and nutritious. Please make us aware if there are any foods your child may be allergic to.

What to bring?

Diapers, wipes and formula should be provided with your child if necessary.

Proper outside gear depending on the weather.

Any medications your child may need to be given including Tylenol and Desitin.

Change of clothes.

What if your child is sick?

We’ll try to accommodate what you feel is comfortable for having your child away from home when not feeling well. We know that kids get sick a lot and you can’t just take off work every time they sneeze, so it’s okay to bring your child if they have a light cold or are not feeling 100%. But please take care in determining how sick your child is and if they may be contagious with something more serious such as the flu or other such illnesses.

Emergency information

Please make sure to provide us with the latest emergency contact information for our records. We will periodically ask you for updated information. We are yearly recertified in infant/child CPR and the heimlich maneuver and are trained in Sudden Infant Death and Shaken Baby Syndrome.

New children/parents

Please inform me of your child's favorite games, things to do, etc. Also inform me if your child has any allergies, special routines for nap time, fears, (i.e.: scared of dark, shut doors, etc...) or anything else about your child's likes and dislikes (such as foods) that you feel would be helpful to me. I'd like to do whatever is possible to make your child's time here more comfortable and fun. The more I know about your child, the better I can help him or her to adapt to their new daycare.

Your feedback

We welcome and encourage your feedback. Watching your children is a great joy and serious responsibility. Your input can only help make this an enjoyable experience for you and your children.